Brief Update

Hi Everyone,

I’m horrible at keeping my website up to date because I use Facebook so much. If you aren’t on Facebook here is what you need to know.

  • Seeds of Hope 2016 went very well! It will happen again in 2017 on the 3rd Friday of August at Attleboro Farms. Buy your tickets in advance.
  • I am hosting Bee Movie at Attleboro Farms on Wednesday 8/24. It’s $1 to watch the movie outside and we’ll have fun together!
  • I have another photo shoot in the works before I turn 31. I will be releasing them on my website only. Dirty One on 8/31. Stay tuned.
  • I will be attending the CAPE Beach Photo shoot in Ipswich. Tank Girl has won out over Beach Dazzler.

I will write more on all of these when I find the time but until then. You can reach me by email for questions.  Jax Adele at Gmail dot com.




If you want my 2 (x25) cents…

Sometimes life is random and it’s a lot of fun! I went to take my laundry to the laundromat and I had seen the sign on Yankee Spirit say that “50 Cent” was signing Effen Vodka bottles.

20160615_094549 (1).jpg

It reminded me of some of the other fake facebook events I had seen. It couldn’t be real, but it was. I told my coworker and we made a plan to pop out there if it was convenient since we had a birthday at lunch and a party for a coworker in the afternoon. (I know, my job at a non-profit sounds so rough with all these parties.) We went and it ended up being super quick and easy.

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The bottles will be used for fundraisers which benefit On Common Ground, Inc. and the Mentor Center Program. It was fun. We have a story and hopefully we can raise more money with them.

Oktoberfest is Oct 15th at Stone E Lea Golf Course. More details to come.


Catching up

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged or vlogged and these are my sins…

I always feel like blogging after a long hiatus is like confession. Time for you to wipe the slate clean. In the past month, maybe longer I’ve continued to work with my clients at bettering their businesses online and in print. I’ve also continued working with On Common Ground, Inc. on their Blessing of the Bikes event and next is their Seeds of Hope Farm to Table dinner on August 19th. I really like working for myself and a non-profit. I know that everyday I am actually helping people as opposed to giant corporations. It’s spiritually rewarding and I hope I can continue on this path.

Comedy has taken a backseat. It’s unfortunate since I met such great people while doing it. Performing and encouraging people to attend performing is a passion I don’t think I have or maybe I’m just not talented…I like to be honest with myself and no matter what everyone else tells me, I never felt great after a performance. I did feel great as a stage manager for community theater. It would be nice when a production was over and everyone had worked so hard together. I liked being a part of that. I do still write lines of jokes and have been making up songs. Sometimes I post them to twitter if I don’t want anyone to see them. If I’m baiting people or want feedback, I post them to my private facebook. If I think they are really good, I turn them into images and post them to Instagram which feeds to my public facebook and twitter. Who knows what will come of these things.

In sewing world, I STILL LOVE IT and wish I had more time to focus on it. It sometimes feels like it’s work or feeding/bathing/sleeping or sewing and sewing is not at the top of that list. I made several pairs of space shorts which I sold on Etsy and I have one more pair to make. Not sure what I’ll make next for Etsy but I have some Star Wars curtains to make for my kitchen. I have been dreaming of other future projects and thinking about my next cosplay for CAPE in August. Do you have a suggestion for my next cosplay? Email it to me

My brother came to visit me which was nice to have family come to me for a change. We played games and hunted for new games at the different SAVERS in the area. We even went to see Acoustic Drive who will be the band at On Common Ground’s Seeds of Hope event. It was nice to hang outside with music and beer. I get to see family next for Father’s day when I head to New York to see my parents who are in town for a month. When they head back to Florida I will get to go visit them for a little 2 week vacation and my dad’s birthday. I’ll get to work on my tan and spend time with my niece, nephew, Uncle Robert from Arizona, and Aunt Ivette & Uncle Jimmy from Puerto Rico. Family shenanigans abound.

Most recently I helped save a baby goose who got hit by a car. I posted it on my private facebook for my friends.

Soooooo that was an exciting way to start the morning….

I was just starting to head to work, my street leads to another street with heavy traffic and a pond that I can see from my front lawn. When I was about to pull out into the street I noticed a car with it’s hazards and a lady on her cell phone freaking out. Then there were a gaggle of geese. Mostly young ones and two parents all screeching because one of them was hit. I backed back into the driveway ran into the house, grabbed my rubber gloves and a box then bolted down the street. (If you know me I panic in human blood/vomit situations but I’m totally great with animals.) I scared the lady because I don’t think she expected anyone to help. We took him back to my front lawn. I tried to get his family to join us but they headed to the pond. He could walk, his body seemed fine but his head was kinda loose. It wasn’t wobbling back and forth uncontrollably which apparently means blood in the brain. A rehabber we called said to put him in a box with towels and the lady who hit him is taking him to a wildlife rescue facility. I named him Kevin for the street he was hit on and the fact that he’s going on an adventure without his family. The lady promised to call me with an update but otherwise I’m glad I could help. I hope he gets his head on straight. 


Since that happened I received an update from the driver who struck little Kevin.

Hi Jax, I called the clinic and they told me that Kevin Bacon is about 50% better than yesterday which is great news!
Typically if they don’t show improvement within 72 hours, it’s not good. Recovery is looking cautiously promising at this point.
He has a concussion. He has been swimming in a pool. The wobbly head has decreased greatly since yesterday.
He is on anti-inflammatory and pain meds.
He is still not eating. They had tube fed him yesterday and will do so again if necessary. I’ll call back Saturday to get an update and keep you posted if you want. Thank you again for all of your help yesterday. I was a mess and you did a great job to get this little One – and ME- calm and stabilized! Thanks so much, Jax!!

I’m hoping to hear that he is returning to the pond soon so I can help partake in reuniting with his family. Other than that I hope to jump back on the blogging in lieu of posting to facebook but you know old habit die hard.

Hope you all are well and feel free to reach out and connect through one of my many forms of social media.

❤ Jax

I’m a day late and a dollar short, so sue me. Either way check out part 1 of my trip to New York. As always thanks to Ken for the edit and a big thanks to Geo and Patrick for hosting me for the weekend. I had such a great time seeing them.



Jumping Jax – New York Part 1