Dollar Store Gift Basket

Do you ever have a reason to give someone a gift like flowers but flowers are lame? Recently, my cousin Cassie was starring as Maria in West Side Story. (West Side Story is an awful musical, but that’s not the point.) Cassie was more than likely going to have a lot of people there for her with flowers. My mom suggested I spend the money on candy for her instead. I headed to the Dollar Tree and got a bunch of great stuff. I already had a gift basket bag and ribbon at home. Check out how it came out!


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I spent $26 dollars. Here’s what was inside it.

  • 1 large popcorn tub
  • 1 bag of decorative yellow paper
  • 1 bag of decorative reflective white paper
  • 1 hair tie lollipop
  • 1 tentacle pen
  • 1 bunch of red roses
  • 1 star sunglasses
  • 1 decorative letter C
  • 1 pin wheel
  • 17 nut fee candy

My favorite was the sunglasses.



Congratulations to Cassie. She was amazing and we love her!


Cassie with her Fan Club!



The Nonprofit sector is not easy. It feels harder. Yes I have a good cause to promote, but trying to make people care about something other then themselves….is hard. I don’t want to become numb but why is this the case? Why don’t people feel it is their social responsibility to be engaged in their community?

People tell me that I’m rare because of the way I feel about giving back to my community but this is one instance when I wish I wasn’t special. I wish everyone was special enough to do the same. Maybe I got it from being a Girl Scout but caring about your community and the people in it, doesn’t have to be something negative like a burden or boring time commitment. It can be amazingly fulfilling and a ton a fun!

For the past 2 years, I have been a volunteer for On Common Ground. I have made friends. I have had a lot of fun at the events raising money for them to continue to provide their invaluable service to the community. They basically give community members a safe and easy way to connect and help each other. Take a moment and consider the last time someone who didn’t have to help you did take the time to help you. How did that make you feel? Don’t you want to give that feeling to someone else? You can and I know how.

Consider what you can do to help your community and if you need a way to start, call On Common Ground at 508-226-0801 to get started.

Big thanks to Auston and DoubleACS for this great news piece yesterday.  Seeds of Hope Farm to Table dinner is on August 18th at 6pm and tickets are $50 in advance. Visit for more information.

All work and no play makes Jax a dull…

Well that’s not entirely true. It’s not so much play as much as creative play time. It’s something essential to my being. When I don’t get it, I deplete. It’s apparent in my behaviors and patterns. When I allow myself to be creative and recharge, I feel more like me, Jax. Creative play can be as easy as making someone a birthday card and as complicated as working on a friends wedding dress. It’s the time I use to focus on something outside of myself. It’s not typically digital. It’s a dress, or a painting, or a pretty cake. I am a maker. I make everything or at least try to.

The older I get the more I understand myself and how exactly I function. The more I understand, the easier it is for me to notice my slumps or mood changes. I can be proactive and work towards improving them.

Awhile back I had noticed that I was focusing on work so hard, that I was forgetting to recharge my battery. My boss at one job told me I had lost my mojo. Had I? At first I just laughed and shrugged her off, I was seeing someone at the time and thought of mojo as a sexual term. I didn’t think I had lost my mojo….but maybe she meant my creative mojo. I set out to fix this problem which was timely since my friend’s wedding was approaching and I had the dress to make anyway.

The focus on the dress, the problem solving it took to accomplish the task, and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment once it was done did the trick. I had my mojo back and I began using it on starting new projects. I’ve been keeping up the mojo since this happened but I’m keenly aware now of how important it is for me to keep working on my creative endeavors. I can’t just work and party/relax (whatever you call it). I have to be creative to keep going.



Jax doing her job. 

More on the wedding dress and wedding to come.

Thanks for stopping by! Jax

The Sun Chronicle: Snapchat’s new location feature has plenty of critics, and fans

Just a quick post to let you know that life is random. I don’t use Facebook like I used to since January 1st. When I do go on, I see The Sun Chronicle and DoubleACS in lieu of random postings from friends and acquaintances. That being said, I saw a request for quotes about SnapChat. I “liked” the post instead of writing anything. The author, Abigail, reached out to me and we had a discussion. Some of my quotes, as well as my niece Kristie’s are in this mornings article. Check it out here:

Got to love local news. 🙂

Happy Monday!

Motif Magazine: A Backyard Oasis

Compared to my last two Motif articles, this one is a bit different. On Page 13 of Motif’s July issue, you will find a fun summertime piece by me! Page 12 is an article by my best friend Fallon Masterson. Check out the whole July issue online at or click the image to read the article because the image isn’t clear enough.

Please help support independent local news sources such as Motif by becoming a Patreon.  The issue is out monthly in Providence now and you can find it Online and at many local watering holes.