Timeliness and Work

Howdy, everyone! I know I’ve been a huge slacker as I typically am when it comes to my own personal business. You wouldn’t know it but I’m always helping clients and organizations I work with meet their deadlines, that I neglect my internet space. (Following me on social media is probably the best way for you to give yourself the most timely Jax fix.) I have to do a big post on Rhode Island Comic Con as well as a few Motif article links as well as other fun things. They will come soon.

Currently, I am in Florida enjoying the remainder of 2017 with my parents.

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If you are interested, the upcoming year contains the following so far:

Additionally, in 2018, I hope to work with the Empire Revue and possibly learn to wrestle. We will see what happens!

My greatest achievement for 2017 I would say, was getting a bunch of 20-30 something-year-olds in the Attleboro area to get together and form a social group. They meet often and a lot of great friendships have come from it. Not to mention, they are all neighbors and community members. #actlocal

Since my Facebook was about to reach 500 Likes, I figured an update was in order. Stay true to who you are and be kind to those around you. See you in 2018 and remember, you’re beautiful!

xo Jax



Motif Magazine: Brian O’Hallaran Interview and Limitless Cosplay: Networking Panel for Rhode Island Comic Con 2017

The most recent issue of Motif Magazine is available now at MotifRI.com! The best part about it is that it’s the Rhode Island Comic Con issue. I was fortunate to have written for this issue last year so I was prepared this year. As previously mentioned, I interviewed Curtis Armstrong in the last issue. This issue has two! And Fallon had a good one too!


Friends behind the MaskDirect Link – is about my upcoming 3rd panel at Rhode Island Comic Con. Limitless Cosplay is an umbrella brand for all of my cosplay talks. This one in particular is Limitless Cosplay: Networking and Making Friends – Facebook Event Link. This topic is one of great importance because without networking and making friends, I would not be able to do any of the amazing things I get to do on a regular basis. As a noob or new to cosplay, you may become overwhelmed by comic con, but also all the things you will see people doing.   Join us on Friday Nov 10th at 6pm in Room 553-A as Shawn Todd (Sith Lantern Cosplay) and I discuss terms, techniques, and tips to help you succeed in Cosplay at Cons but also in life.

Brian O’Hallaran Comes to RICC – Direct Link – Through networking and making friends, I was asked to be Jay with Silent Bob at a charity comedy event where Brian O’Hallaran had appeared to talk about Clerks and show clips. This was my 2nd time meeting him. But since he knew me and I knew him, I was able to reach out and get a great interview from him in regards to his upcoming visit at Rhode Island Comic Con. I look forward to seeing Brian and having more fun.



Shawn and I both working at Boston Comic Con 2016

Stay crafty and I can’t wait to see you all at Rhode Island Comic Con!
xo Jax

Halloween 2017

This Halloween season I was fortunate to wear many costumes and have a bunch of spooky fun. It all started with Insomnia: Mistress of the Bite who I hear will be having her own series. Details to come as they develop. I attended the CT Ren Faire as a pirate. I loved seeing Nightwing who was in charge of costumes for the faire. It later led into Friday the 13th and visiting Rock and Shock to meet Kane Hodder while enjoying my fangs. I attended three Halloween parties. Two as Tina from Nightmare on Elm Street and one as Dolores from Westworld. Both were very well received.

For Tina, I just needed a few things. To pin my hair into a shorter hair style with bangs, claw marks on my chest, a nightshirt with body tape. My favorite part was putting socks over my ballet flats to appear as if I was only wearing socks to bed.

For Dolores, I sewed the entire costume. Bought the wig and belt. My hairstylist Caitlin is amazing and styled the wig for me. I plan on brushing out the curls for Rhode Island Comic Con but it came out so good. You can see some of my work in progress photos below.

The Saturday before Halloween, I had my own party with my roommate, Batman/The Dark Knight, who was also Bernard from Westworld. We plan on wearing out costumes together at comic con. It was fun to have my normal friends together in costume. I do have to say that Halloween is meek compared to any convention I’ve ever attended. So although I love Halloween, I have more fun other times in the year. I do enjoy using Halloween as my “be ready” mark for Rhode Island Comic Con.

As for Halloween itself, people came over to drink leftover party beer, candy, and watch a “scary” movie. We opted for Witches which as a kid I was scared of, but as an adult, I just found it to be pretty twisted. Everyone enjoyed it and the commentary we had going during it.

Now that Halloween is wrapped up, we have Rhode Island Comic Con, Thanksgiving/Sewing boot camp, and Christmas/New Years in Florida on the horizon. Stay tuned!

xo Jax





My first celebrity interview! How cool is that? I’ve done another since but you’ll have to wait for it.

Curtis Armstrong was a very kind interviewee. We had a few laughs and got to know each other better. You can watch the full video below. I truly appreciate Motif letting me do as much as I am for Rhode Island Comic Con which is right around the corner. (Less than a month!) My panel was accepted which I will talk about more soon and I need to finish my new costume. As always I’m busy and you can see if you follow me on any form of social media.

I love the way a magazine looks in print. Full Motif Magazine Page 28 Digital Version




Full Interview available on my YouTube page or below here.


You’re such a Horror!

I do not like horror movies. I never have. My dad used to watch movies around my bedtime. I would go downstairs to the family room to say goodnight to him and often end up standing there in the darkness behind the couch watching over his shoulder until my mom called down for me and blew my cover. “Goodnight dad” I’d tell him as I kissed him in my oversized t-shirt. Then I would go to bed and have nightmares of Gremlins, blood, pirates, and Chucky. YES, sorry Jack, Chucky’s back….he’s always back and with the dim light of the nightlight all of my dolls looked like they were moving and staring at me. I still have my creepy clown and use it to constantly scare my roommate.


That being said, as I’ve gotten older, it’s been easier to take in some classic horror. Fortunately for me I am surrounded by so many amazing fans of horror that all I need to do is ask and before I know it, I have the movie in my dvd player and a veteran to tell me when it’s safe to look again.

Friday the 13th

This year Friday the 13th was in October. Not only that but Kane Hodder, one of the guys who plays Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th was going to appear at Rock and Shock in Worcester. I not being a fan was educated about the movie prior to the holiday by Bobby who also had tickets to Kane Hodder’s photo opportunity where he was going to be in full Jason makeup. I had a blast going to Rock and Shock and seeing another fandom from an external point of view.

Later, the night of the 13th we got to go see where monsters go bump and grind as we took on Xmortis: Monsters A Go-Go at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. So many of my friends were there and looking their beautiful goth selves. I love goth night. I love a dance club that is not about assaulting people but rather expressing yourself while dancing.

When midnight came upon the end of Friday the 13th I was a bit sad. It was a great start to the holiday season but also a fun day of horror and the dark which can always be as magical as rainbows and unicorns.

Saturday the 14th – Nightmare on Elm Street

The day after such an exciting day should be one of rest but as you know there is no love for the wicked. Saturday night, Bobby and I were invited to a horror movie themed halloween party. One that was early enough in the month for me to get it on my calendar. Bobby had been told that he couldn’t be one of his favorite horror movie characters without trying to step up his game. He had already been Freddy and Jason in years past. I figured I would help him with his Freddy Krueger makeup but what could I be? Bobby suggested Nancy but after a short message with Fallon, we decided on Tina Gray. Tina Gray was Freddy’s 1st victim in the 1st movie. Everyone knows it and it worked for me. I already had blonde hair. So after a $10 trip to Savers and some hair, makeup, and two sided tape, I was Tina.

One of the best parts which I don’t think we have a photo of is my feet. Tina wears socks, but I didn’t want to just wear socks, so I put on my Crocs ballet flats and put my socks over them. It looked just like I was wearing only socks with my underwear and shirt.

I really love how close to the actual Tina I came out. I will surely use this costume again. I even like how well the scars came out and I’m going to do a tutorial on it soon to show you all.

So much more to come for this October!


Oct 2010


Bite by bite, Creature Double Feature satisfies Attleboro

Saturday was a very special event in Attleboro. Fans of the original Creature Double Feature put together the 4th Roundup for fans of horror and nostalgia to come together at the Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attleboro, MA. The event itself hosted several floors of activities from a vendor and artists room, a panel discussion room, a lock in room, a haunted house, a live Misfits cover band, and RKO Army Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Attleboro Community Theater. Plus the Ezekiel Bates Lodge is great for some creepy photos. I myself took advantage of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being Insomnia for this event was a blast. I will be sure to let her out in the future. She’s already making an appearance on Oct 1st at the Empire Revue’s The Supernatural Show, 8pm AS220. Join her if you dare.

There are talks of reviving Creature Double Feature for Attleboro with Insomnia as the host. I will keep you posted on any updates.

Stay Spooky XO