Life is funny…the internet is even funnier

Life is funny sometimes. You never know what might happen. Several months ago during one of my typical “Dazzler” searches through the internet, I realized that @disco.dazzler on instagram was also a Dazzler fan. I would tag them in other things on instagram which I thought they might appreciate. Eventually these turned into longer conversations filled with “squeeeee!” “omg” and lots of emojis. I trolled their instagram further to discover they were a she. A girl from Indiana whose name was Jacqueline, had a son named Jaxon, a hairdresser, and best of all fellow Disco Dazzler cosplayer. We became Facebook friends and it continued to snowball. We realized that we might be alternate universe versions of each other like comic books. She now refers to me as AU Dazzler (Alternate Universe Dazzler) and our names on FB are only different by the last name (we both spell Jacqueline with 10 letters.)

The other night she posted on FB that she was interested in doing a cosplay and wine video series. I had seen “Whine about it” on FB and had been thinking, how hard can it be to drink and talk to the internet? I decided to respond to her with the statement:ย “ME via Skype!” She was game. Although we have texted, sent each other video and images, we have never spoken directly. I figured out how to easily record our conversation which can then be edited or posted directly to YouTube. I tell you this because tonight at 9pm EST Dazzler and Dazzler will meet for the first time. If all goes well, I want you to anticipate LIVE interactions and other cosplay tutorials. We can’t wait to show you the experience and fingers crossed,ย turn it into a regular series.