Rhode Island Comic Con 2015, Limitless Cosplay, and so much more geeky fun

Wow! I’m really getting good at this con game. I can’t believe I did Rhode Island Comic Con from beginning to end and I feel pretty good. Of course my body hurt by Sunday but it was minimal compared to the happiness and fun I had.

Friday 3pm

Dressed as a gray rainbow unicorn jedi, I embarked on RICC with my buddy Sasha. We went to the end of the line and waited with everyone else. I had a VIP pass but it didn’t matter to me. I’m a pretty patient person. The line eventually moved and we were in.

I had prepaid for custom vampire fangs from Great American Gothic and Griffin Von Hallenborg. They’re pretty awesome and I can pop them in instantly whenever I want. Everyone thinks they look real. There’s going to be a vampire version of everyone of my other costumes now. We hit up the celebrity room and I got my Power Ranger Talking Bank signed by the Red Power Ranger Jason played by Austin St. John. While I was waiting I talked to Walter Emanuel Jones (Twitter) a bunch. He liked my bank. I couldn’t afford everyone’s autograph but the ones I did say hi to were nice. I talked to Jason (Austin St. John) for a bit and he signed my bank. It looks pretty good and I think the fact it’s so old, makes everyone pretty tickled. I remember having it back when I was 14 or so. Then I visited Lori Petty‘s booth. I think she must have just arrived because she seemed distracted and our interaction was quick and limited. She signed my Tank Girl inspired image of Princess Leia. I had wanted Carrie Fisher’s autograph on it as well but she didn’t come to the con. I told Lori how much I loved her work and thought she was amazing. Funny enough the rest of the con, people kept calling me Tank Girl because of my hair, even though I was dressed as a vampire or Dazzler. I took my items back to the car so I didn’t have to carry them. The Fonze wasn’t there yet and I figured I would try again another time. I never did get his autograph, I didn’t want to wait in line and spend more money. Autographs are expensive and I can’t wait to sell mine. The rest of the time was spent walking around the two buildings and all the shopping. It was nice to see Bettysouix at her boyfriends booth, The Stocking Dead. There were several Empire Revue people, as I also saw Eric and Alan at Forest Forge’s Booth. Eric makes these cool wooden swords perfect for your cosplay or just fun fighting with sticks or for killing vampires. (Eric’s Website) What’s cool about Eric’s swords is the details he puts into them. He was even painting custom names and phrases on purchased swords.

Eric Fulford at RICC2015Eric Fulford Painting

Eventually we got tired and I went home to eat and change for the Friday after party. I now had fangs and since my goth collection is pretty big, I figured I would put together something vampy for the night. I think I did well because I got a lot of positive feedback. The party was put on by Venue Monster. I knew this ahead of time and why I bought the tickets. I had learned of Venue Monster by accident when one of the guys messaged me on FB thinking I was involved in RICC marketing. (That’s a cool idea but I’m not.) I checked out their stuff and since lights and sound are my jam, it seemed like I should check them out. Venue Monster clip of after party I ended up having a blast meeting people, dancing, and enjoying all the pretty lights. 🙂 Brian C. O’Halloran (Dante from Clerks) was hanging out at the party with Scott Schiaffo. I could just walk up to him but I’m not like that. I just creep. Lucky me though, he saw me from the bar and tapped me to tell me he liked my hair. I said “Thank you” and returned to my conversation. Later in the night, I was talking with a nice guy named Lucas and we discussed that Brian was there hanging out. I said I wanted to meet him and he waltz over to Brian, chatted then called me over to introduce me. When I said hello, Brian just smiled, took my hand, and said “I know you.” I’m really bad with saying anything profound in these moments. I simply stated that I was going to visit him tomorrow and I had a different costume. I told him he was going to like it and he seemed aware that when a girl tells him he’s going to like it, that he will.

Jax with Brian O'Hallohan

Jax with Brian O’Hallohan

Saturday 8am

A few hours after going to bed, I was up again and getting ready for costume #3. It’s not a hard costume to get into but the makeup takes longer if I want it to look good.





I am supposed to look like the actor Jason Mewes who portrays the character of Jay in the Kevin Smith View Askewniverse. Jay is a drug dealer and works with another character named Silent Bob. Together they hang out and cause trouble or sometimes save the day. Jay is very crude but Silent Bob doesn’t talk much, so I feel it balance them out. I know I don’t look like him really, but I don’t look like myself either.  I know if I keep practicing that eventually I’ll be able to do it better. I finished getting ready and head to the con. Now let me tell you that by this point I had only parked at meters fairly close to the con. I didn’t always pay the meter and I was never ticketed. Plus it was super convenient. So when people complain, I just shrug.

As Jay I strolled around the con checking out more on my own while seeing if people noticed me or just assumed I was another dude. People noticed, it was fun and I kept telling them Silent Bob is on his way. When you do a couples costume, you are kind of not your best when your other half isn’t around. My best friend Sasha was my Silent Bob, we had first donned the costumes last Halloween to much positive praise. We had one negative interaction and since we aren’t the kind to take a back seat to people talking shit, I actually put together and submitted a fan panel to Rhode Island Comic Con and it was accepted. The panel was Saturday at 1:30pm. My panel, Limitless Cosplay: Cosplay Your Way to Self Love is a discussion about the positive and negative sides of cosplay, how they can affect your feelings, and how you can over come self doubt to enjoy your fandom and convention going (or other cosplay events). We do this by creating a community of support, acceptance, and positivity on Facebook.  I selected a few cosplay personalities who I knew had experience adversity in their cosplay careers. They were my best friend and Silent Bob, Sasha Ballz. Sasha experienced the pangs of going viral with her very first cosplay dress, the TARDIS Princess. Brandon the Shapeshifter is an amazing cosplayer who does a bunch of gender bending characters. Jack Napier was a late addition but a most welcomed one. He is most well known for his multiple Joker cosplay (the black and white bad guy group is something if you saw, you wouldn’t forget). But he also has founded Boston’s Arkham Asylum, which if you can’t guess, is a Batman cosplayer group. It’s probably why he’s able to pull off such awesome group shots.


We met before the panel to go over things. I am super proud of us for accomplishing our first panel and sharing a bit of our experiences. The audience was great and had good questions to help us continue the conversation. We hope we inspired and I will be posted a video of the whole discussion online since I’m lucky to have friends like Anthony who film it for you.

We hope to do the panel again at other conventions, but one project at a time, right? 🙂 Once the panel was over, it was nice to be able to relax. It was really the only thing I HAD to do while I was at the con. Everything else was gravy. We headed over to visit Brian O’Hallohan. Scott snapped a picture when he saw us and then we took one with Brian. I mentioned that I was the vampire from last night and Brian definitely looked a little surprised. I think it’s fun how I can look so female one minute but then male the next. Yay gender fluidity. Brian suggested a different photo pose where he’s throwing us out.

Dante, Jay and Silent Bob

Dante, Jay and Silent Bob

My friends at the Comedy Connection had a booth in the hallway of the convention center. I saw people each day of the con working the booth but on Saturday Brian Beaudoin was there and also performing the show with Ron Funches. Brian was my teacher at the Comedy Connection stand up comedy class, which I recommend. But he’s also become a friend. He said he’d be at the after party. Later it turns out he showed up at the after party with WWE’s X-pac and Ron Funches and by this point I was no longer dressed as a man but had returned to my most comfortable Dazzler costume.

Jax and Spiderman

The after party started with a set from Big Nazo before continuing the dance party with Venue Monster. It’s always nice to see Providence staples like the giant musical puppetry of Big Nazo at events like this. I see Big Nazo often but I imagine that’s because I circulate in the Providence arts scene. I’m not sure if comic con goers also have expose to them as well. Either way there was a large crowd and it seemed like they enjoyed it.

Eventually, I got my LED Hula Hoop and got to enjoy the music with my hoop. Pretty sure Brian had fun seeing me in my element. I was in costume, surrounded by people in costume, dancing and hula hooping without a care in the world. Life is made of these small moments.

Sunday 10am

Two nights of partying really takes it’s toll. So I gave myself time to get into the con and today I was wearing another comfortable costume, Gilligan. I made this one for Granite State Comic Con with Sasha as my Skipper. She bailed for reasons and I really regretted not still using the costume alone because while I was at GSCC, I saw Skippers but no Gilligan’s. This time I was told there were a few other Gilligan’s wondering around but I never bumped into any of them. Additionally, I had the Skipper hat to utilize on other people taking photos with me. I was called “Little Buddy” often which always made me blush.


Again, I had no real motives for the day other than hanging out, people watching, wearing a costume and by Sunday every part of my body was sore from happiness. I had a blast and got to see a lot of people. I made memories which I will keep forever and ultimately believe it was a success. I know people were upset that Carrie Fisher cancelled or that it was crowded but with a little patience and an easy plan, I find Rhode Island Comic Con to be awesome. (Yes maybe I was a VIP, so that helped, but also I just refuse to stand in line for anything other than the initial entry the first day. If there was a line, I left and came back.)

All my photos are here for you to view!

Keep on being weird,