Sew What?! Thanksgiving and Black Magic Friday

This year was a very different one for me. As a divorced, recently broken up with a 2 12314274_10100510127058211_5763726444369259466_oyear relationship, woman who’s family is either in NY or Florida, I needed to make my own plans for Thanksgiving. I was given several wonderful offers but since I am dairy free, I knew that asking someone to host me, is like asking someone to shoot a puppy. Butter is a big thing on Thanksgiving, the turkey is even called a butterball! So with that said, I realized that I wasn’t going to be the only one alone on Thanksgiving. My guru and professional seamstress friend Nightwing Whitehead had stated that she never does anything for Thanksgiving. (Her family is in Denver.) I originally had thought of making a Thanksgiving pizza, which is still on my list of things to create.

But I opted for just a small traditional thanksgiving that happened to be dairy free. Turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a little pumpkin pie for Nightwing. It was perfect. Those Jenny O turkey breasts are perfect and I will make them again. I was able to pop in the turkey when I arrived in CT and by the time it was ready, I had completed at least 2 old projects.


The other intent for my visit to Nightwing, was not only to bring her delicious food and celebrate the holiday but I wanted to work on a pile of projects which I had collected over the years. Most were repairs or alterations, making favorite pieces smaller but I had ideas for new projects as well. I believe I completed 12 projects of various sizes the whole time I was there. The highlights being this Star Wars pencil skirt with a hidden zipper.

12309996_10100510263579621_1914576818123344159_o 12304017_10100510266329111_6962189452567863976_o

I posted this on a Star Wars facebook group and it has over 70 likes and people are asking me if they can purchase it, which is totally cool and makes me wonder if I could actually sell things like this. JUST KEEP SWIMMING! Onward ho!

The next being the two fleece capes I made to keep me warm on my way to work. They were super easy to make and I can’t wait to make more in other colors and patterns. This might also be what some people get for Christmas. I can always shorten it but I’ve been enjoying the length and I consider it wizard chic. I imagine it’s the next big thing to hit fashion along with unicorn couture.


The last but most exciting project I started was the pattern to my New Years eve dress. I plan on attending the Empire Revue New Year’s Eve show “Revue Year’s Eve: The Fresh Start Show” with Fallon and why not make my own dress? Additionally, I’m hoping to double the dress for cosplay. I won’t tell you more until it’s ready because I like surprises. I took a pre-exisiting Vogue pattern and I added to the bottom and changed the neckline. I have a stretch velvet to make the first attempt out of before I cut the fabric I got on Black Friday.

Can we talk about Black Friday? I don’t know why we decided to get up at 5am but we did. Joann’s opened at 6am and it wasn’t too crazy. There were maybe 6 people waiting with us at 6am for the doors to open. We had some coupons and the deals were just great. I found my 3 fabrics, 1 special stretch polyester, 2 fleece prints. With the coupon my special fabric was $45 versus the original $90 for 5 yards. The fabric is reversible too so that is just making me work harder on making the dress perfect and reversible. McCall’s patterns were also 99 cents so I bought two but I might go get more before the sale is over.

I had a blast with Nightwing, eating delicious food and working on clothes, but I’ve headed home to continue to clean my apartment and make my space more workable. Another Black Friday purchase was a keyboard from Toys R Us. Originally $150, I got the Casio LK-175 for $80 and I’m pretty happy with my purchase.


If you didn’t realize, an ironing board works as a table or music stand just the same. I’ve already been revisiting my lessons book and enjoying the light up keys. I still need to figure out how to change the tones etc. It’s nice knowing it’s there for breaks in between projects.

Overall, I’ve found Thanksgiving to be wonderful and full of productivity. I miss my family but I’m thankful for my friends and hobbies. If only I had more long weekends to get stuff done, as I sit here with my second pot of coffee and attempt to finish up work before work tomorrow.

Sew excited for the holiday season! Talk to you all again soon! Jax