Show me the Jaxxxy!

Hello lovelies!

In just a few days a bunch has happened. Let me break it down so it’s quicker for ya’ll!

Saturday Dec 5 – I will be hosting Providence Improv Guild‘s Saturday night show at 8pm. Tickets are a mear $5 and you get two great acts, plus me! 😉 The show includes Adult Crushes which is a house team and the P.I.G. Musical which is lead by Keith Munslow. More info on FB. As a reminder they have shows every THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY at 8pm for $5. There is also a slew of classes starting in January. I’m pretty sure I’m signing up for Level 3. If you’re curious about improv sign up. You’ll be glad you did.

Thursday Dec 10 – I will be performing as part of Larry’s Lounge at The Parlour in Providence. The show should be starting about 9pm but if you want to chat with me, I suggest coming before then. Depending on how late I go on or how late the show goes, I might need to run since I get up at 4:30 am the next morning. #grind I will be doing a 5 minute stand up set of new material with probably a few older jokes in there. The fact that most people don’t even know who I am means all of my jokes are new. Woo hoo. I hear there is a magician and a drag queen so, you know, I’m in my element of magic and sparkles. Come join the fun!

February 6th! – I know it’s pretty far off but the date is now set for On Common Ground’s People 4 People Comedy dinner and auction. I’ve been working with On Common Ground for almost a year and they asked me to work on the comedy show. I have the lineup already set. Here’s a few of the details and the Facebook Event link.

2/6/16 Bristol Lodge N. Attleboro, MA @ 6pm start
Starring (!!!!!) Brian Beaudoin aka Sugar Pumpkin
Hosted by Rob Pierce
Including: Marie Forster, Lindsey Stemple, and Me!

More on this to come as things develop.

I love that I get to work with my friends on a lot of these shows. It makes work like this, more fun. Additionally, I make friends at other shows. This weekend I will be attending 5 shows. (Yes, I know that’s a lot but it just worked out that way.) Friday night I’m attending a fundraiser at Club Cafe. Save the Date Comedy Show is now completely SOLD OUT! I found out about it from Tricia Auld of I stalked found her online after I read the Dig article about her. We’ve been friendly and I look forward to meeting her in person at this event. I will have a full report Monday (hopefully…time is getting tighter these days). While I was looking at the website for Club Cafe and the show I was already planning on attending, I noticed there is another show with Niki Luparelli later in the evening. I didn’t really know who she was, so I watched a video online and IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE. Take a look and see why at the 2:25 mark.

Obviously, there are similarities between us but we are also completely different for other reasons. I’m so glad to know that there are other crazy funny women like me out there who like hula hooping or doing more than one thing at once. 😉 I hope I get to introduce myself to Niki at the show otherwise it will just be fun to watch.

Then Saturday this weekend, I already mentioned I’m hosting at PIG. I saw the PIG musical the last time they performed and was completely blown away. It was probably because Dave Rabinow decided to be a wood nymph with long flowing hair, but I can’t get over it. If you don’t know what PIG musical means let me tell you. Keith Munslow (who I know I’ve blogged about a lot lately, but it’s because he’s in ALL THE COOL THINGS in Providence) teaches a Musical Intensive class at P.I.G. I am actually signed up for the next one! This Musical Intensive is three days where Keith teaches you the things you need to know to do musical improv. Yes, musical improv is a thing. Like improv to music. I cannot wait to have permission to make up songs without seeming crazy. It’s like I’m steps away from becoming a Disney cartoon for real guys! For real! This Saturday other graduates of the class will come together with Keith to put on a new show fresh from nowhere. If you come, maybe your suggestion will get picked and who knows, it could be a whole musical about BACON. mmmmmmmm bacon. Don’t pick bacon.

On Sunday, I have another double show day. Nina scored the last tickets to YOUR MESSAGE HERE which is a collaborative performance by Richard Goulis and Hannah Devine. I don’t know Hannah but I’ve seen her on the Empire Revue’s YouTube page. Richard I know from the Empire Revue (I love his Boogie Man here). Richard invited us to the show when we saw him at the last ER show. I really have no idea what the show is about but I’m always willing to support live events!

Then Sunday night….is Empire Revue night. I know I’ve mentioned it a bunch already but it’s because of how truly magical the experience is. Sunday night is WINTER: THE MUSICAL and everything I’ve heard has been nothing but EPIC. There is no way to describe it but to see it, so I’ve convinced Brian along with others to join me for the fun. Maybe a video vlog will happen from the bar after the show. I’m just going to keep working at providing the community with support and share my story.

Enough writing for now. I really have a problem writing under 900 words a post. Stay tuned for more as always and thanks for reading this far.

Stay Weird! Love! Jax