Comedy at The Mediator Stage – 12/21/15

When I saw Tricia Auld in Boston I met Matt Kona. We chatted and he mentioned he was doing a show in Providence on 12/21. He shot me an email and also connected me with Stephan Rose the shows organizer. We exchanged a few emails and I went to go see the show.

The Mediator Stage is in Providence off of Exit 17. (Not far from Pub on Park.) It’s in a residential area it seems and is a church building. “All are welcome! Sunday” it says. I went in an there’s a room with a stage, a piano, a drum set, and a microphone. Some chairs were setup and there was already a crowd forming. The event was a “pay what you will” event. It’s due to the space being a non-profit and all donations go towards the space continuing to service the community. The show started around 8pm and included several comedians, a singer, than more comedians prior to the open mic portion.

I want to be positive and say that everyone was great but I can’t say that. A lot of the comedians felt the need to remind everyone that they didn’t prepare for the show or were working on new material. Just do it, don’t doubt yourself. Or better yet, don’t perform if you don’t prepare or care. Matt did very well as he navigated the audience. I say that because he noticed that substance abuse drugs weren’t working out but then was able to loop it back around to a closing.

Then something unusual happened. If you were there and you’re reading this, then you are in the know. I don’t want to perpetuate it but I HAVE TO WRITE A BIT ABOUT IT for the stage because something very strange happened.

I would like to state that if you ever see me in person, please say hi. I would be more than happy to talk to you. I do have a hearing problem and am continually with my headphones in my ears, so you just need to make sure that I notice you in order for me to be aware. I can be oblivious when I have multiple things going on in my mind.

That being said, the comedy show is every Monday at 8pm at 50 Round Ave. Providence, RI. I did go up for the open mic part and luckily a friend caught it. Practice makes perfect, right?

After the show we headed to Julian’s for the Solstice Party which was a pleasant surprise because Sasquatch was playing solo. He is so amazing! It was a blast.

Just another fun Monday night in Providence.