Comedy Connection – 12/20/15

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Comedy Connection. Brian (Beaudoin) had a Sunday Showcase and Alan Moreau had invited me. I checked the lineup and saw Hilary Costa was on it too which was great because she’s a community member in our new FB group dedicated to females in New England comedy. (If you want to get in, please shoot me a message and I’ll add you.) I am always happy to support friends at they’re shows. I wasn’t alone as I had Mike Ryan with me. (Check out Motif if you haven’t already.) We had just come from dinner at Julian’s and before that the West Side Christmas Caroling which left from Ogies. Β We sang a few songs before continuing on.

The show at the Comedy Connection was pretty well attended. Everyone did a great job and RA Bartlett was a great host. Brian went up and did a set with some new Christmas material which I enjoyed but then the Headliner was PJ Thibodeau. I didn’t realize it at first but Mike leaned over and asked me if the guy on stage was related to Tim (from Providence Improv Guild). Same last name and the look alike. Turns out Tim has a brother and his name is PJ. It was nice to see that funny runs in that family and Providence is becoming more of a small world everyday.

Brian, Me, and Mike

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