New Year, Old Year Revue.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve. I will be spending it with friends at Empire Revue’s Fresh Start Show and I couldn’t be happier.



NYE 2015

Last year NYE I rang in the year with Fallon running around Providence and eventually bumping into friends, Big Nazo, and a good time. This should have been an indicator as to how the year would go.

Jimmy and I didn’t spend New Year’s Eve together because he has his friends and traditions. I wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t until October when we realized the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and called it quits. Twice have I invested in relationships with the intention of them being forever. Both times I was wrong. I probably won’t invest again. Markets to volatile.

Seeing Big Nazo lent me to reach out to them and investigate other options in Providence for me to stretch my creative muscle. I found the Providence Improv Guild. I signed up for Level 1 Improv on a Thursday and class started on Tuesday. Right after starting Improv I signed up for Stand Up comedy at the Comedy Connection as well. Between these two classes (and cosplay) I have acquired 356 new friends for 2015. That’s almost one friend a day. Crazy to think.

I’ve continued to work on my Improv comedy with Level 2 Improv and a few open jam sessions with “Young and Hungry” a group of the Level 1 friends. Stand Up comedy has been harder but I’ve performed about a dozen times this year, including twice at the Comedy Connection, twice at Larry’s Lounge, twice in Japan and once in Tampa. I’m no where near good yet but I’m working past the nerves and the ability to think while on stage. 2016 will bring more comedy and MUSICAL COMEDY, if you haven’t heard how excited I am about that.

Socially, comedy has been a wonderful addition. There’s always a show, friends to watch it with or grab a drink, and everyone is so interesting. I’ve met so many other types of performers as well. They inspire me and encourage me to keep trying to find my place in the Providence performing arts scene.

In 2015, I celebrated my 30th birthday. In a bout of miscommunication and resolve to NOT PLAN ANYTHING, my party although filled with people who love me and I love them, was a bust compared to what I know I am capable of in the F.U.N. department. 31 will be one to remember, stay tuned for that.



This spring I was able to visit Japan (thanks to Jimmy) and had an experience I hope to have again as I loved Japan and could totally see myself living there. My parents moved to 30 minutes from Tampa so I also spent a week down there with them. I hope to visit more in 2016. Aside from the trips around New England and NY/NJ area, I didn’t travel anywhere else. 2016 currently has no travel plans other than Tampa but I am hopeful that a trip to see Holly in Tennessee should happen. I’m also available to be a travel companion, as long as you pay for everything. 😉


Can you find me in this photo of people in a Japanese Wine Bar called Vega?

In the sewing world, I have grown exponentially and am very proud of the progress I’ve made. In January at Arisia I helped Sasha reveal Her Imperial Highness, the Vader Princess. I made that skirt, cape, and death star. It was a challenge and knowing what I know now, I completely did it wrong. Live and learn, right? Sasha and I went to visit Nightwing (my guru/jedi master) and worked on my Graynbow Jedi costume for Halloween and RI Comic Con. It came out great and I was learning more under Nightwing’s tutelage. For Thanksgiving, I spend the weekend solo with Nightwing and completed 12 alteration/unfinished projects (including one from 2010) and Star Wars pencil skirt. Yes, progress. At this point, I was living in my own apartment and came back ready to setup my sewing station in my work space. Sierra, my Nelco almost made it to the end of 2015 but she died a few days ago. I may be able to get her going again with professional help. She was my aunt’s and my mother’s. Before she died I completed two capes for my friends, a few ties, and started sewing my New Years Eve dress. Thankfully, a new friend had given me his Singer and it thankfully saved my butt. Ginger the Singer, worked great for finishing my dress in time for tonight although I doubt she could handle layers of jean material or leather. She has an issue with 4 layers of polyester. Allow me to reiterate that my New Year’s Eve dress is DONE! During the process I started to think it was dumb and not going to work but it’s great and very versatile. I will make a video about this in the future. I know my goals for 2016 with sewing are to do it more often, make clothes for friends, and maybe have a collection to show you guys at some point. The more sewing the better.


Sneak Peak of my NYE dress

In February, I started working with a Non-Profit organization called On Common Ground, Inc. Now I am their marketing manager as well as organizing their People for People Comedy Dinner in Feb 2016. This organization pairs people in the community struggling economically, socially, or familiar with a 1:1 mentor. I really like them plugging along to provide a community program which is all about the community supporting itself. It’s a great model which should be copied nationally. The internet pulls us away from our local communities when really we should be helping each other. Plus, you never know who’s in your community until you ask. I’ve met so many great neighbors through this organization that I run into people in the super market now! This is a big reason I didn’t leave Attleboro when the break-up occurred and my community is how I found my amazing apartment. I would have never have found it, if it wasn’t for being a part of a local community. DID I SAY COMMUNITY ENOUGH YET? #supportlocal

On Common Ground, Inc. is located in a big mill. One day when I was walking around the mill snapping selfies, I was caught by an adorable older gentlemen named Michael Nadeau. He is a jewelry designer, antiques dealer, and industrial legs man. After meeting we began discussing how we might work together. Now I know 2016 will be the official online launch of Some people may have noticed the one big snowflake necklace I’ve been wearing around since Michael lent it to me. They’re really beautiful and he’s got a whole season based collection we’re getting excited to show you.

This year is the first time I’ve been seriously single since I was 19. It’s been 11 years. It’s also the first time I am living alone and I really love it. BOTH, being single and having my own apartment. I never worry about someone wondering when I’ll be home or getting angry about it, because I’m a responsible adult who can take care of herself. Plus I can leave projects out and not apologize for making a mess because it takes multiple days to finish projects. Yes, I have a problem with dishes and cleaning the floor but that’s what OkCupid boys are for that’s what service professionals are for.

What is left? We talked about comedy, non-profit, NADO, traveling, sewing, and my apartment. Crafting is always going and as I setup my apartment/work space, it will happen more regularly. Projections for the future include more sewing, more comedy, more just being me and enjoying life. I have PIG Musical, Arisia, and then People for People, so 2016 will be over before it even starts.

Peace, love, and laughter!

Stay crafty,