2016: The Fresh Start

New Year’s Eve was spectacular. Empire Revue delivered without a hitch. The Fresh Start show had some very great moments which will be up on their YouTube page. I have selected one in particular to share with you.

Kate is back and Sam needs to learn to sit with his legs closed. 🙂 I love Sandy and Dora and hope they come back often. I also highly recommend the closing number here.  (Plus remember I have a playlist of my favorites here.)

The show was great! I had invited my best friend Sasha and her boyfriend. They joined and really enjoyed themselves which made me happy.

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After the show Superchief Trio played a dance party through the New Year’s countdown. They even played one of my favorites “Don’t Kiss Me” which is about a woman enjoying her time alone at a bar with her drink. Story of my life.

We make a nice couple, just me and my glass, I won’t make a scene if you don’t make a pass.

Don’t Kiss Me by Superchief Trio

The whole night was wonderful. I got to dance with some Sparkling Beatniks and hear the beautiful Pam Murray sing. What else could be better? Oh right, I was wearing a dress I made myself. I rang in the new year in wearing a Jax Original! I had a few snags getting it done but now I can say I did it and I can’t wait for more special occasions in Jax Originals.

I wanted to make a dress for New Year’s but I also needed to work on my next costume for Arisia which is coming up on MLK weekend. Fortunately, I picked a very glamorous dress for cosplay which worked perfectly. Now I won’t reveal the cosplay costume but here is my dress.

It’s reversible and I used a flat fell seam to cover all the seams. Nightwing taught me how to do it last time I was with her but the video I linked you to should explain it. I got a bunch of compliments. There will be a few changes made to it before the convention but over all, I’m very happy with it. I am planning on making it in a jersey material for summer casual wear.

More to come soon in regards to sewing, I just purchased a new machine which I will have my MLK weekend and the next Empire Revue show is the 7 Deadly Sins on 2/7 at 8pm.

Happy 2016! More to come!