If you want my 2 (x25) cents…

Sometimes life is random and it’s a lot of fun! I went to take my laundry to the laundromat and I had seen the sign on Yankee Spirit say that “50 Cent” was signing Effen Vodka bottles.

20160615_094549 (1).jpg

It reminded me of some of the other fake facebook events I had seen. It couldn’t be real, but it was. I told my coworker and we made a plan to pop out there if it was convenient since we had a birthday at lunch and a party for a coworker in the afternoon. (I know, my job at a non-profit sounds so rough with all these parties.) We went and it ended up being super quick and easy.

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The bottles will be used for fundraisers which benefit On Common Ground, Inc. and the Mentor Center Program. It was fun. We have a story and hopefully we can raise more money with them.

Oktoberfest is Oct 15th at Stone E Lea Golf Course. More details to come.