Brief Update

Hi Everyone,

I’m horrible at keeping my website up to date because I use Facebook so much. If you aren’t on Facebook here is what you need to know.

  • Seeds of Hope 2016 went very well! It will happen again in 2017 on the 3rd Friday of August at Attleboro Farms. Buy your tickets in advance.
  • I am hosting Bee Movie at Attleboro Farms on Wednesday 8/24. It’s $1 to watch the movie outside and we’ll have fun together!
  • I have another photo shoot in the works before I turn 31. I will be releasing them on my website only. Dirty One on 8/31. Stay tuned.
  • I will be attending the CAPE Beach Photo shoot in Ipswich. Tank Girl has won out over Beach Dazzler.

I will write more on all of these when I find the time but until then. You can reach me by email for questions. Β Jax Adele at Gmail dot com.