9th and 10th day of 2017

Marketing the good word of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

After sitting at the kitchen table for more hours than I wanted, I got a message from Batman/The Dark Knight. DoubleACS had time for me to pop over and film a PSA for On Common Ground and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Committee of Greater Attleboro regarding the Day of Service event on Saturday at 12:30pm at LaSalette Shrine. This event is intended to bring the community together for an inspirational speech by Joel Christian Gill of Strange Fruit Comics and a potluck lunch along with family friendly arts and craft activities. I’ve been on the event committee due to my role as Marketing Manager at On Common Ground. The position is voluntary and works hand in hand with my Fundraising Coordinator role. I’ve been helping to spread the word. This video was part of it. It will play on Attleboro’s public access channel, their youtube, and I believe the radio. (I should probably double check on that.) Batman/The Dark Knight urged me to use the teleprompter which I usually don’t do because I rather be able to say it like a BOSS in one take. He was doing me the favor so I complied. It was interesting watching the words scroll as I talked. Not as cool as karaoke but I got through it in 4 takes. The last being the most energetic because really if you don’t put some umpf into it, what are you doing. Take a look and a big thanks to DoubleACS.

Another cool thing about the event on Saturday is that my altruistic friend Todd aka Zombie Leader will be painting live a portrait of MLK Jr. for attendants to admire as he works. I’ve been very proud of the immense progress Todd has made painting on a regular basis. We were trying to think of other ways we could incorporate more art into the event and Todd was texting me at the time. So why not take him up on his generosity once again? Todd was thrilled and I look forward to seeing the result. I have been blessed with two originals from Todd. One of me as Dazzler, the other a unicorn with blue eyes. You could say it’s me in my true form but you’d have to ask the artist.

Comic Cons

Speaking of Todd, we actually have a very full schedule of comic cons coming up. Todd has asked me to help him as often as possible. I think he realizes how good I am at the table hustle. You can’t just sit there! That being said, I will be happy to be a member of Team Zombie Leader whenever I can. I’ve asked for some fabric to design my own uniform and intend on working on my zombie makeup further. It’s sometimes too stressful to plan cosplay for each con and much easier to just go with a zombie. In previous messages you will see that I am a bit tired of cosplay. I still love it but the reasons for doing it are not the same. It used to give me a way to express myself and be outrageous under the guise of costumed play. Now I can be as garish as I want without fear. I can also wear costumes whenever I want and take photos. Comic cons are expense and are moving towards the mainstream consumer market. Very few of them are focused on community and so I rarely see my friends walking the halls. At least if I go with Zombie Leader, I’m supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and my friends will be able to easily find me as I’ll be stationed at the table. I’ll be sure to add any cons I’m attending to my public Facebook events section, you can subscribe to be notified of events as well if you use Facebook. I will try to keep them up to date on my website as well.

Residential Life

After my camera time Batman/The Dark Knight and I finalized the paperwork and submitted to my favorite apartment. By today we were approved and by tomorrow we will have secured an awesome 2 bedroom in the heart of Attleboro. Walking distance to my temporary roommates A & C as well as Morin’s, the commuter rail, DoubleACS, the library, the skate park, and so much more. We are very excited and I can’t wait to move in an unpack my piano and sewing machine. I’m sure they miss me as much as I miss them.


Another visit to the Attleboro Public Library. I returned a few I didn’t need, picked up an audiobook I had requested, and took out 3 new ones: one about writing with a cause, one about musical theater, and one by Tim Gunn about fashion. Can you see how diverse my interests are? I love finding out where these sections are in the library. I get so excited knowing that all of this information is accessible to me. I want it all. I take the books, read them, skim the parts that don’t interest me, and process the information. I make notes in the paper journal I’ve been toting around with me everywhere I go. (Sometimes I text myself too.) Visit your own library. Feel a book. It’s real. It’s in your hand. The information in it won’t be deleted amidst controversy. It will continue to be there, present in the moment with you and in your hand, until your return it.

Consulting Continues

I had an appointment with one of my clients in the evening. It’s always nice to know that you are able to help someone, it makes it better when that person is just a pleasure to work with. This is my favorite part of being a consultant. I can take on clients who don’t want to use me but rather work together. They give me their problems and I give them budget friendly solutions to choose from. We discuss the pros and cons, make decisions and turn problems into opportunities to learn and grow.


I had received a call earlier in the day. A friend of E and I was thinking of coming to Massachusetts for a visit. I was happy to head to E’s house to watch WWE’s Raw and hang out with a friend. We all share a mutual love of wrestling and wrestling belts. E has so 15975290_10100737719785561_3864094092673088101_omany belts and our friend re-leathers them professionally. I have two but one I intend to sell after it’s been re-leathered. The other one is a Tag Team Championship belt in a children’s size. I love it, I got it because it was New Day’s belt but they have since lost it. It really is perfect for me though, in size and the fact that I will always be a solo tag team champion until I meet my tag team mate. Que sera…I LOVE WRESTLING. I want to be able to go behind the scenes or see them working on the script for the match. At least when I talk about wrestling with my friends who enjoy wrestling they either answer my questions or listen to my ramblings. I’m 100% okay with playing into the story and enjoying it. It’s so campy. Wrestling is violent athletic improv and I would love to learn how to do it one day…and that day will be A NEW DAY. (I’m writing this while watching SmackDown with F. I may be overdosing for the week.)


I’ve started listening to the audiobook for The World According to Mister Rogers. Like the Oprah audiobook, this book is so positive. Mr. Rogers’ an amazing human being. I will write more in depth about this once I finish it but from what I heard, there are so many wonderful quotes in it. I’m trying to think of who you could compare Mr. Rogers to these days but really there is no one like him. I want to be like Mr. Rogers. I want to encourage people, provide them with hope, and make their days better. If I had to write a list of the people I wanted to emulate myself after it would be: Gwen Stefani for style and courage to speak the truth of her feelings, Mr. Rogers for his ability to find what is special in everyone and celebrate it, Pee Wee Herman for his child like sense of wonder and fun, and Martha Stewart for her patience and resourcefulness. If I could be like all of these people but in my own way, I would be happy. I guess that’s what I’m striving to do.

In regards to writing, this is only a portion of the past two days and it’s taken me about two hours to write. I’m tired and content to relax with F, her two cats, and watching SmackDown. Until next time…

XO Jax