My Personality Type – ENFJ-A

Have you ever taken a personality test? has it for free. My temporary roommates were taking it and talking about it during breakfast so I took a moment to do it. Here were my results.enfja

I’m not surprised. Extraverted 100% – I love people (especially you reading this.) Intuitive 72% – This is energy. According to, this is the most important because it focuses on how a person sees the world.

Individuals with the Intuitive trait prefer to rely on their imagination, ideas and possibilities. They dream, fantasize and question why things happen the way they do, always feeling slightly detached from the actual, concrete world. One could even say that these individuals never actually feel as if they truly belong to this world. They may observe other people and events, but their mind remains directed both inwards and somewhere beyond – always questioning, wondering and making connections. When all is said and done, Intuitive types believe in novelty, in the open mind, and in never-ending improvement. (Credit)

I’ve always been a dreamer but in high school Mr. Kaminski taught me to dream big. I continued to fantasize of what was possible, what I could do and how to make it happen. When I see an obstacle I always questions why it is that way. I know this makes many people mad at me. When wedding planning my mom would always say “that’s not what people expect.” Why did I have to do what people expect? Why couldn’t I do it the way I envisioned it. I have always looked for a place where I belonged and finally found it in improv. The idea that grown adults could play pretend and it was a performing art form, made me gleeful. Learning that the Empire Revue and musical improv existed brought tears to my eyes. I’m great at making observations of my surroundings and people but as an AV nerd and event planner I’m constantly wondering why they did it that way or how it works. How do I get behind the scenes so I can learn more about it? I also do believe in never-ending improvement. This is found evident in my desire to continually improve and better myself as a human being. Feeling 76% – I believe in having all the information you need to make a good decision but I’d be remised if I didn’t state that I am strongly swayed by feelings and listening to my gut. An example of this can be see in the purchase of my house. You can read about it hereJudging 78% – This one is funny. Judging is decisive and organized but prospecting are good improvisers and nonconformist. It makes sense why I would have a bit of that but due to my jobs, I have to be organized, otherwise I wouldn’t get things done. I can see the prospecting part of me picking up the slack for my lack of preparation sometimes. I’m not sure I like one side better than the other, I kind of wish this was more 50/50. There’s always room for improvement. 😉 Assertive 83% – As for my identity, it has taken me a long time to get to the place I’m in now where I feel very self assured as to who I am and what it takes to be me and accomplish my dreams. I know I’m a confident smart ass but I care about people, don’t forget about that part…that makes me less of a jerk than most.

Overall at the end of this quiz’s assessment it shows you other Protagonists you might know. Look at who the first two are.


I know my temporary roommate A was very jealous cause she loves President Obama. If I can be half as great as Obama or Oprah, I’ll be happy. Maybe I should change my name to Ojax. What did you get for your personality type? I’ll leave the comments open below so you can share your results.

XO oJax


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