I haven’t been slacking

As hard as I may try, I can’t do everything at once. This week has been one of running around. I am super productive but unfortunately unable to share daily. Here is a quick update as well as Mulan attempting to spit because sometimes this is how I feel.

  • I move into my new apartment with Batman/The Dark Knight Saturday. If you are free to help me move some boxes the truck arrives at 9:30am. Text or FB message me. We need a couch if anyone has an extra one.
  • I got a new part time job at the YMCA. I’m super excited to stay within my community and meet more of my neighbors.
  • I have a deadline for Motif Magazine on Friday for the Alt-Romance issue. This should be interesting. Look for it at your favorite Providence watering holes.
  • I have a show tonight at the Providence Improv Guild at 8pm with Small Mouth Bass. Information at ImprovPIG.com. It’s Musical Improv with the wonderful Keith Munslow.
  • I am planning a wedding for a friend and progress is being made. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to share more on this in the future.

I hope to figure out a consistent way to provide you with random stories and thoughts as the year progresses. If you don’t see anything on my blog, bug me directly via email.


Love you all and hope to run into you soon!

XO Jax