Quitting the Corporate World – 1 year later

At 30 years old on April 8th 2016, I quit the corporate world….for the 2nd time.

The first time was after I had been headhunted from one major company to another. I spent a year there understaffed and completely miserable. Miserable because the accounting world was not for me. I was a Hello Kitty band aid covered sore thumb among a sea of paper cuts. I tried a year of doing my own thing and starting my business. Eventually personal life required me to go back to work so I could move out of my ex boyfriends house and be on my own. I was back in the corporate world and living on my own. To refresh your memory, here is an episode of J. A. X. where I recap a day in my life.

I am not afraid of hard work. I actually prefer to put in real effort and watch the progress before my eyes but if you haven’t noticed…there is something different about me. I am constantly trying to figure out where I belong. Where I can be most useful and feel fulfilled. I am a people person. I am creative. I am a gosh darn unicorn.

When I left the second time, it was because I had enough of the early morning commute and was given an opportunity which would allow me to focus my efforts closer to home which was now Attleboro. I took it and it made me happier.

Since I’ve left the corporate world, I’ve moved to the Non Profit sector. Currently I am the fundraising coordinator of On Common Ground which is basically a mix of a hustler and event planner. I also took on a part time job at the Attleboro YMCA. I’m a lowly welcome center representative but I like the lack of responsibility once I leave the facility. I get to work with the public, be responsibility for the security of the facility while I’m there, help people, and I get to work out too. I’ve made some nice new acquaintances too. Did you even know the YMCA is a 501(c)3? It’s a pretty great organization and I highly suggest it over another CORPORATE gym place. It might cost more but what you are getting with your membership is more than a gym, it’s a place to belong, a community and people who actually care because as we all should know….as strong community has strong people in it.

The YMCA builds community through healthy living, youth development and social responsibility. On Common Ground builds community through social responsibility and engagement.

I have to admit that I think about going back to the dark side because the money is so good but it hasn’t happened yet. Out of the 10 years since I left college, about 8 have been corporate, 1 year being a nonprofit unicorn, and a part time 2 years self-employed helping my clients and colleagues in all different capacities. Who knows where life will take me next but I know I will continue to “Be the change I wish to see in the world.” (I wear a ring that says this everyday.)

XO Jax