Anytime I write in my diary or blog, I feel like I should start with the same phrase I learned in Catholic school.

It’s been a month and four days since my last post and these are my sins…

I don’t have sins to confess. I just have an update per my usual. If you don’t follow me on social media, this is where you get your Jax News, so here goes:

On Common Ground’s Seeds of Hope Farm to Table dinner and fundraiser went amazing! We had a blast and the food was delicious. It still is my favorite event because of how pretty everything looks. We had rain but fortunately a rain plan, so everyone stayed pretty dry. Watch my Snapchat Story here:

Then I was house sitting for a little while with Hope and Herbie. Herbie and I go way back but Hope is new to the family, house, and me. She is adorable but wow can this girl destroy everything. She ate my Victoria Secret bra from my Drunkerbelle costume and my headset along with a bunch of other things. She is now being crated when no one is home. Good think she’s cute.


Herbie is yellow and Hope is black.

I left my house sitting gig and went to Seattle for a week thanks to a good friend. We had fun exploring Ballard, Pikes Place, Starbucks, a LEGAL pot shop, and camping on Orcas Island. When on Orcas we specifically were in a Cascade Lake campsite with a beautiful view. When we were on the island I went off the grid but took my digital camera. The footage on that camera will be revealed in the future. I truly appreciate Ben giving me the opportunity to accompany him on this trip. It was my first time in Seattle and Washington state is amazing.

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Upon returning on a red eye, I had work but then MY BIRTHDAY came. I turned 32 or Sweet 16 x 2. I had to work the day of my birthday but I was fortunate get the girls to help me leave at 7pm instead of 10pm. I had a nice dinner and cupcake with a wonderful guy who knowingly took on the responsibility of showing me a good time for my birthday. Most would think that was a lot of pressure for a new guy but Bobby seemed to handle it like a gentleman. You may have seen my photo I posted on Instagram.

20170831_214704I also hosted a small dinner party at my apartment with my friends on Friday night. I was so happy to have so many people I love with me to celebrate. We played charades suggested by my facebook friends and sang songs together. I literally could not contain myself when they sang me happy birthday. It sounded so sweet.

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#happybirthday to me! I love my friends!

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Here is my SnapStory from the day after my birthday. You can follow me on SnapChat by searching for me @JaxAdele.

Since my birthday I have celebrated two dear friends getting married in New Hampshire as well as purchased several pieces for my Halloween/Rhode Island Comic Con costume. I hope to finish my Delores costume in time. Have you seen Westworld yet? Go check it out on HBO.


So on the horizon there is Fall and all the fun fall activities including On Common Ground’s Oktoberfest golf tournament and dinner. If you are a golfer or just love a good German Brat join us on Oct 21st from 11am for Golf or 5:30pm for the beer/wine tasting and dinner at Stone E Lea Golf Course in Attleboro, MA. More details available at

OCG_golf_flyer_2 FINAL

I hope all my friends in the internet world are doing well and that we cross paths soon. Stay crafty! xo Jax