Creature Double Feature introducing Insomnia: Mistress of the Bite

Did you know that on September 23rd in the city of Attleboro an amazing event is occurring? In the vein of once it a lifetime experiences, this is one of those moments you won’t want to miss!


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Jax is not going to attend this event but rather another manifestation…something dark and evil. Creature Double Feature introduces Insomnia: Mistress of the Bite.


Photo by Joe Medolo

Nearly 600 years of living up to her name means Insomnia has seen a lot of twisted films since the dawn of the medium. She was born in Transylvania, Romania in the late 1430’s. The exact date escapes her as she doesn’t celebrate her birthday anymore. You’d never think she was a day over 200. The third cousin of the infamous Count Dracula, it’s still unclear why Insomnia hasn’t been featured in her own classic. These days, Insomnia is often seen in the dark alleys and streets near your favorite late night restaurant haunts. A devoted foodie, she loves a juicy late night bite – hence her title as the Mistress of the Bite. Dare to entertain her charm while enjoying some soylent green beans over a  nostalgic monster movie? Those who’ve survived her company were entranced by her. Just ask Insomnia’s human pet, Bobby Vial, who is always by her side.

Find out what secrets Insomnia has learned from all her movie nights and late night bites.