Vote Today, it’s Primary Day!

Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Mine is no more important that yours but I write to tell you that I will be voting for Paul Heroux at the Primary, September 19th.
I first knew of State Representative Paul Heroux as he is on the Board of Directors for the local nonprofit organization On Common Ground. On Common Ground’s mission is to help those in the community who are struggling with poverty (social, financial, or familial) by pairing them with a 1:1 voluntary mentor. After recently moving to Attleboro, not knowing anyone, I began volunteering for them. The organization, On Common Ground, ( believes that through social relationships we can WORK TOGETHER to build stronger community members and a stronger community. I believed in their mission and at one of the organizations beautiful community focused events, Seeds of Hope, Paul had donated a dinner for 4 to the silent auction. Never having met Paul I put my bid in and won “Dinner with State Representative Paul Heroux“. The idea of dinner with a politician seemed funny to me and not something I would ever get to do but this was for a good cause. To add to my strange sense of humor, I ask to have a 1:1 dinner with Paul. There’s nothing like putting a complete stranger on the spot with Jax. Upon arriving at Paul‘s home and being greeted by Paul and Mura (his dog), I was amazed at his gracious hosting and genuine nature. He was not intimidated by a smart mouth unicorn like me. That delicious dairy free dinner allowed me not only to learn exactly who Paul is but he patiently and kindly answered all my questions, helping me refresh my knowledge on local and state politics.  I came to find the funniest thing about the experience was the silly pun-filled jokes Paul can SOMEHOW pull off. Have you heard why he can’t eat mushrooms?
3 years later, Paul is a good friend. When it comes to Attleboro politics, Attleboro: the city I love, live, and work in; I read the paper, watch DoubleACS, talk with my neighbors and really try to see all sides to an issue. Paul is always willing to answer the questions I have. His answers are based in facts and research he’s done. Part of what I admire about him as a politician is his overwhelming altruistic behavior. He’s not the kind of person to make a decision or vote based on his own benefit or preference, unless you consider Paul‘s preference to always do the right thing by the people he serves. He is in my mind, a true public servant. He puts everything in to what he does and as his friend this is evident by his lack of social life. To say that Paul fully supports the efforts of a nonprofit like On Common Ground is to say that Paul supports the people of this community. He knows that only if we WORK TOGETHER can we succeed to build a stronger community. Attleboro needs a Heroux for our next mayor. Please join me in support of Paul Heroux for Mayor of Attleboro and thank you for listening.
In kind regards,

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