Halloween 2017

This Halloween season I was fortunate to wear many costumes and have a bunch of spooky fun. It all started with Insomnia: Mistress of the Bite who I hear will be having her own series. Details to come as they develop. I attended the CT Ren Faire as a pirate. I loved seeing Nightwing who was in charge of costumes for the faire. It later led into Friday the 13th and visiting Rock and Shock to meet Kane Hodder while enjoying my fangs. I attended three Halloween parties. Two as Tina from Nightmare on Elm Street and one as Dolores from Westworld. Both were very well received.

For Tina, I just needed a few things. To pin my hair into a shorter hair style with bangs, claw marks on my chest, a nightshirt with body tape. My favorite part was putting socks over my ballet flats to appear as if I was only wearing socks to bed.

For Dolores, I sewed the entire costume. Bought the wig and belt. My hairstylist Caitlin is amazing and styled the wig for me. I plan on brushing out the curls for Rhode Island Comic Con but it came out so good. You can see some of my work in progress photos below.

The Saturday before Halloween, I had my own party with my roommate, Batman/The Dark Knight, who was also Bernard from Westworld. We plan on wearing out costumes together at comic con. It was fun to have my normal friends together in costume. I do have to say that Halloween is meek compared to any convention I’ve ever attended. So although I love Halloween, I have more fun other times in the year. I do enjoy using Halloween as my “be ready” mark for Rhode Island Comic Con.

As for Halloween itself, people came over to drink leftover party beer, candy, and watch a “scary” movie. We opted for Witches which as a kid I was scared of, but as an adult, I just found it to be pretty twisted. Everyone enjoyed it and the commentary we had going during it.

Now that Halloween is wrapped up, we have Rhode Island Comic Con, Thanksgiving/Sewing boot camp, and Christmas/New Years in Florida on the horizon. Stay tuned!

xo Jax