Timeliness and Work

Howdy, everyone! I know I’ve been a huge slacker as I typically am when it comes to my own personal business. You wouldn’t know it but I’m always helping clients and organizations I work with meet their deadlines, that I neglect my internet space. (Following me on social media is probably the best way for you to give yourself the most timely Jax fix.) I have to do a big post on Rhode Island Comic Con as well as a few Motif article links as well as other fun things. They will come soon.

Currently, I am in Florida enjoying the remainder of 2017 with my parents.

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If you are interested, the upcoming year contains the following so far:

Additionally, in 2018, I hope to work with the Empire Revue and possibly learn to wrestle. We will see what happens!

My greatest achievement for 2017 I would say, was getting a bunch of 20-30 something-year-olds in the Attleboro area to get together and form a social group. They meet often and a lot of great friendships have come from it. Not to mention, they are all neighbors and community members. #actlocal

Since my Facebook was about to reach 500 Likes, I figured an update was in order. Stay true to who you are and be kind to those around you. See you in 2018 and remember, you’re beautiful!

xo Jax