July 10, 2017

Jax is someone I met through her work at On Common Ground. I’ve gotten to know her over the past few years and in that time, I’ve seen her plan and execute numerous fundraising events for the organization. Her skills extend beyond that. This spring I got to witness her plan a wedding from the ground up – she even made the bridal gown. Jax is an artist herself, and I’ve seen her put her creativity toward solving the many problems that pop up when working through a project. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to make sure she fulfills her obligations on time. In her time at On Common Ground, she was a great representative for the organization. She never hesitated to share what the organization had to offer the community on DoubleACS and WARA. I know that she loves Attleboro, and would prefer to work for an organization dedicated to serving the community.

Auston Ricketts, DoubleACS Producer


January 22, 2017

ocgjaxI have been involved in fundraising for the past twenty-two years.  When I need assistance at an event particularly a comic con, the first person I call is Jax Adele.   Jax is one of the most outgoing, dependable, and creative people I know.  

Being outgoing makes Jax an asset in raising monies at a charitable event.  Jax is truly comfortable speaking to anyone and is not afraid of making a spectacle of herself to draw attention to her cause.  When I needed a fellow zombie to partake in last year’s Rhode Island Comic Con Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Jax not only volunteered and recruited a friend, Jax thrived in the spotlight as an undead bride.  Jax was complemented on her staying in character by the RICC staff, con attendees, and press in attendance.clerksjax

When I need someone who will hustle for my charitable endeavors, I know I can count on Jax.  Jax has assisted my company, Zombie Leader, at numerous events.  When Jax is working abccjaxt my booth, Jax is a consummate professional, who is hustling to raise monies and awareness for such worthy charities as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or Autism Awareness.  

Jax is a creative juggernaut.  Jax performs improv, sings, writes, paints, designs her own Cosplay costumes, plans fundraising events, and more.  When I am stumped or am in need of a fresh perspective, Jax gives her opinion readily and honestly.  Jax does so as Jax truly cares about people and wants them to succeed.  That quality is beyond measure.

riccjaxTo sum up, Jax’s personality is like a magnet.  Jax draws people in with her warmth and enthusiasm.  Jax works tireless at fundraising events.  Jax is one of the most imaginative and innovative individuals I know.  I hold Jax in my highest esteem.  It is my pleasure to not only know and work with her but to recommend her as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Todd Zavorskas, Owner, Zombie Leader
2016 Man of the Year Candidate The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CT-WHV Chapter


I first started working with Jax through a bid for her professional services at an On Common Ground fundraising event.  I was looking for help in increasing my on-line and social media presence for my small business, and working with Jax has been an 20160413_134924extremely worthwhile experience.  [Jax] has helped me become more comfortable with using social media to promote my business. Her fun, creative and insightful advice and guidance have led to increased interest in and demand for my services.  I would definitely recommend Jax to other small business owners who are looking to increase their on-line presence in a positive, creative and professional way.

Maura Shipman, CPT, ACE-CMES  Shipshape Fitness