PSA: Seeds of Hope 2017

Big thanks as always to DoubleACS for making me look so good.

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The Nonprofit sector is not easy. It feels harder. Yes I have a good cause to promote, but trying to make people care about something other then themselves….is hard. I don’t want to become numb but why is this the case? Why don’t people feel it is their social responsibility to be engaged in their community?

People tell me that I’m rare because of the way I feel about giving back to my community but this is one instance when I wish I wasn’t special. I wish everyone was special enough to do the same. Maybe I got it from being a Girl Scout but caring about your community and the people in it, doesn’t have to be something negative like a burden or boring time commitment. It can be amazingly fulfilling and a ton a fun!

For the past 2 years, I have been a volunteer for On Common Ground. I have made friends. I have had a lot of fun at the events raising money for them to continue to provide their invaluable service to the community. They basically give community members a safe and easy way to connect and help each other. Take a moment and consider the last time someone who didn’t have to help you did take the time to help you. How did that make you feel? Don’t you want to give that feeling to someone else? You can and I know how.

Consider what you can do to help your community and if you need a way to start, call On Common Ground at 508-226-0801 to get started.

Big thanks to Auston and DoubleACS for this great news piece yesterday.  Seeds of Hope Farm to Table dinner is on August 18th at 6pm and tickets are $50 in advance. Visit for more information.